Game Jam Entries

Neuron Elevator Co.

You are the elevator.

Neuron Elevator Co was developed for Epic's 2018 Summer #ue4jam based on the theme "well that escalated quickly". Set in the future, you are being punished for your crimes (using terrible programming languages perhaps?) and have been condemned to serve as an elevator control system. Deliver passengers, but more importantly try to escape!


Anomaly was developed for the 2018 Epic Megajam based on the theme "reality is often inaccurate". Set in the future (again), you are in hibernation on a spaceship sent to colonize an unknown planet. While in hibernation, colonists minds were put into a virtual world to keep them sane for the several hundred years the journey takes. Several individuals were given the status of Reality Keeper and tasked with making sure the simulation is free from glitches and other anomalies. One of the reality keepers has gone rogue and it's up to you to stop his scheme and keep the virtual world from collapsing...